Dialling Königsberg/Kaliningrad, photomontage, 2015

Thanks to Bildarchiv Ostpreßen og Ostpreußisches Landesmuseum in Germany for kindly support and help.

The concept of Dialling Königsberg/Kaliningrad is to clash the past with the present.

And where the present are represented by iconic cellphone ringtones and the past by the images.

The work is an the output of a short visit to Kaliningrad in 2013 where I noticed that the former city of Königsberg often were present in different forms of photographies. For example the interior of the hotel which I was staying at were mainly decorated of images from the Königsberg past or in a the bus stop shelter at Moskovsky Avenue.

Also the adjacency of new and old planning compounds like the infrastructure, housing blocks and former institutions in the city of Kaliningrad does fascinate me. Especially the evidence that the efficiency of modern time have a high priority.

Also I am fascinated of the relationship between the city of Kaliningrad and the Swiss architect Le Corbusier´s modern planning concepts.