Happen and happened

1st of November 2018:  On the Road, experimental travel documentary screened in event at Huset Biograf, Copenhagen

April 2019:  Degeneration, videoinstallation at LoKo Arts Festival, SUNY Postdam NY, USA

January 2018: Snorebarn (SNRBRN) Collective performing Fragmented consensus, momentary meanings and other inexact realities at ELSE Foundation symposium, Casa Maauad, Mexico City, Mexico


October 2017: Attiude of Openness, Snorebarn (SNRBRN) Collective groupshow at North Willow, New Jersey, USA, northwillows.com

opening and artists talk at the 22st of October  – the show will last until December 1st 2017

September 2017: Awarded grant from Statens Kunstfond (the Danish Art Foundation) DanishArtsFound_LOGO_CMYK



March 2016: teaching the destruction workshop Destruction and Transformation – A consciously artistic strategy at Vilniaus dailés akademija (Vilnius Academy of Arts)

Students responds to the workshop shown in the academy´s space 5Malūnai gallery https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1144765652201267&set=gm.195268997529870&type=3&Theater